From the CEO's Desk

Catch the latest on what is happening at your cooperative, directly from our CEO himself.

A message from our CEO on the current status of storm damage and outage restoration

Check out the latest information from CEO Mark Vogt.

Solar proposals in legislature are out of this world.

The Minnesota Legislature is considering several proposals that would negatively impact WH's members and all cooperative members across the state. Learn how you can help to oppose these proposals.

So, What is a Cooperative Anyway?

Information on what makes a cooperative different from other companies.

Capital Credit Refunds: $1.2 Million of Benefits to you in December

Approximately 90 percent of the electric bills we sent in December contained a credit. These capital credit returns are provided in December to coincide with the holiday season....

CEO blog: Why electric rates are rising

Consumers are asking what's causing the increase in retail electric bills. For answers, see my "Your Turn" guest editorial, which appeared in the St. Cloud Times on Saturday.

CEO blog: Wall Street Journal comments on our challenges

The lead editorial in Saturday's Wall Street Journal quoted my friend and MREA CEO Mark Glaess regarding the cost of renewables in Minnesota. I think the editorial contains eye-opening information that every electric consumer should be aware of. I have reprinted the editorial here for you to review.

CEO blog: Light at the end of the tunnel?

I find myself constantly in search of clues about the state of the local economy and what it means for WH and its members. That's why I invited a panel of five local real estate agents to our last board meeting.

CEO blog: Statement on recent stray voltage trial

As you may have learned, WH was recently involved in a stray voltage trial, brought by one of our members.  Because WH is a member owned cooperative – and because ensuring safe and reliable electricity is our highest responsibility – I felt it was important to present you some information about the case.

CEO blog: Life before electricity: "It was a very dark place indeed"

In preparation for WH’s 75th anniversary next month, I have enjoyed reading the yellowing clips and documents in our archives that record the milestones of bringing power to this area. That prompted me to explore other sources of information about the development of electricity itself.

CEO blog: A WH version of the Consumer Electronics Show

I’m a gadget guy. I like to watch the latest technology trends and determine how WH can quickly implement them to increase our service offerings.

CEO blog: A prediction for 2012

My year-end reading included an article in Forbes Magazine from November that might offer perspective on the energy-policy path our nation is on right now. In the article “Renewable Energy’s Sixty Years of Broken Dreams, But Keep Those Ideas Coming,” author Bruce Upbin laid bare the gulf between energy hopes and realities that have come and gone in America over the years. 

CEO blog: Ben Franklin's experiment with electricity and a turkey

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, I set a writing objective to try to find some interesting research or a unique story that connects this great American holiday with the electric industry. I soon found that this was no small task. The only thing I found was the usual fare about baking your holiday bird in an electric oven.

CEO blog: Could the next Steve Jobs come from WH's service territory?

On the heels of my last blog about the great electrical inventor Thomas Edison, came word that Apple Founder and CEO Steve Jobs passed away. As an uber-fan of Apple products, my attention zoned in on every Jobs’ story that ran in the days that followed his death.

CEO blog: In the spirit of Edison, WH and its members are part of ground breaking technology, innovation

As we get ready for WH’s 75th anniversary next year, I can’t help but think of Thomas Edison from time to time – how his pioneering ideas quite literally changed the world and ultimately how his inventions made WH possible. I think, too, about how important it is that we keep the spirit of Edison alive.

CEO blog: You can teach an old CEO new tricks

I started my career with WH 31 years ago this week. So much has changed over the past three decades; it’s a constant challenge to stay ahead of it all – especially the technology. On my first day here, I was assigned a manual typewriter and a stack of five-part carbon paper to write and edit WH’s newsletter and other public communications.