Terms and Conditions

  • Any parts being delivered from out of state will be shipped overnight, provided that the cut-off times are met and overnight shipping is available within the area you live. WH is not responsible for delays in shipping.
  • When repairs exceed the repaired value of the appliance or equipment, replacement will be recommended. Appliances and equipment are depreciated at 5 percent per year in figuring this calculation. A rebate is available for the replacement equipment. Equipment or appliances 20 years of age or older are not eligible for coverage. Restrictions apply on compressors.
  • Equipment determined obsolete by the manufacturer or distributor will not be covered. A replacement rebate option will be provided.
  • WHAR reserves the right to cancel, enhance the program or discontinue a customer at any time due to a reasonable cause.
  • Equipment and Appliances must be in operating condition, and meet code requirements at the time service begins.
  • WHAR is not responsible for charges for parts or service you have others provide.
  • Inspections and routine preventative maintenance is not covered under the basic repair plan, but can be added for an additional fee.
  • Parts not shown on the coverage list are not covered.

Services not covered

  • Appliance installation, disconnections and inspections
  • Inspections for realtors or certification of appliances
  • Labor and materials to maintain equipment, unless the optional maintenance program is selected for the covered appliance
  • Labor and materials for the loop field, wells and exterior portions of geothermal systems
  • Labor and materials to repair plumbing
  • Labor and materials for heat exchangers, humidifiers, air cleaners, air filters, and correction of any problem connected directly to the air distribution system such as duct work, register faces, failure of an appliance resulting from faulty system design or faulty installation
  • Repairs required due to acts of nature (such as a severe storm), abuse, alterations or lack of maintenance
  • Damage caused by corrosion, corrosion occurring in an atmosphere containing chlorine, or rust and any other labor or parts not shown on the coverage lists
  • Coverage is unavailable for built-in refrigerators.

Customer certifies that the equipment is in good working condition at the time of enrollment. Wright-Hennepin reserves the right to cancel the contract and refund the customer's money if a repair occurs in the first 60 days of enrollment that exceeds $500.00.

WH Appliance Repair contracts are for a minimum of one year. After one year, the contract renews monthly.