2019 Director Biographies

Director candidate biographies for the 2019 Director election.

District 4

Dale Jans

Dale Jans, Buffalo, is the incumbent director running in District 4. He has been a WH member for 57 years, certified as a Credentialed Cooperative Director, and works as a farmer in Chatham Township. He and his wife, Karen, have four sons and are members of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Buffalo, Minn.

Dale has served as secretary/treasurer for 22 of his 26 years on the WH board. He served 33 years on the Centra Sota Cooperative board, including 24 as chairman of the board for that organization. Additionally, he represents all Minnesota electric cooperatives as a director on the Rural Electric Supply Cooperative’s (RESCO) board of directors. RESCO is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, and serves utilities in the upper Midwest. Dale was first elected to RESCO’s board in 1999 and presently serves on that board’s executive committee.

“I welcome the opportunity to continue to serve as Wright-Hennepin’s District 4 director. Offering direction to keep rates competitive as well as providing products and services that enhance the well-being of our members in these volatile times will continue to be my priority.”

Mark Hegstrom

Mark Hegstrom is running for director in District 4. Mark and his wife, Darcy, live in Chatham Township (near Buffalo) and have been members of WH for 16 years. Hegstrom is a Technical Manager at Honeywell Aerospace and has worked there for 39 years. His focus is Process Management from a Lean and Six Sigma perspective. Hegstrom has been a long-time member of Living Word Christian Center and has served in various capacities including 18 years as a men’s group leader and 15 years as an usher team leader. He also is a member of the Yankee Flying Club.

Hegstrom holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and has previously held a Master Electrician license from the State of Minnesota.

“If elected, I will work with board members and WH management to understand and meet the challenges facing the cooperative in providing reliable power at a competitive rate while fostering the inclusion of renewable energy options and positioning WH to meet the increasing demand for power.”

District 6

Mike Tieva

Mike Tieva, Maple Grove, is the incumbent director running unopposed in District 6. Mike and his wife, Jennifer, have been WH members for 14 years. Mike is the president and an owner of Northland Mechanical Contractors, Inc. in New Hope, Minnesota, and has been with the company for 31 years.

He has served as a management trustee on three boards for the past 10 years: Pipe Trade Services MN Welfare Fund, Pipe Trades Services MN Retiree Health Fund and PTSMN Health Care Services, Inc. Mike is also a director with Heartland Group Insurance Captive. 

Mike earned his Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate within a year of being elected to the WH Board in 2015. He is vice-chair of WH Holding Company and committee chair for the Policy, Planning and Professional Services Committee.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato, in business administration, and is a graduate of the Minneapolis Pipefitters Joint Apprenticeship Training Program. Mike’s favorite pastime is coaching his children in the Osseo Maple Grove Hockey Association (OMGHA) program.

“As a WH Director, my most important duty is to look out for the interests of the members of the cooperative, and ensure they’re getting the best value for the electricity and services provided.”

District 8

Casey Whelan

Casey Whelan, Maple Grove, is the incumbent director running unopposed in District 8.

"Thank you for electing me to the WH Board of Directors three years ago as your member representative. I have tried very hard to represent your interests on issues, large and small. We have accomplished a lot and, if re-elected,  I will continue to diligently move the organization forward consistent with the cooperative principles. 

A few of our accomplishments include: consistently pricing our services lower than Xcel, introducing a service alternative allowing members to purchase renewable electricity with no impact on nonparticipating members, implementing a new performance management system to align goals and objectives throughout the organization and negotiating a new wholesale power agreement with Great River Energy which will provide value well into the future. 

I have applied my 30+ years of board experience in other organizations, 20+ years of executive management experience in the energy industry and academic training in Economics to provide organizational guidance to the committed and outstanding WH leadership team. I would like to continue serving on the WH Board of Directors and ask for your support. Please call or email with any questions or comments."