Hassle-free, community solar offered through WH Solar

This blog explores the multiple options for community solar that consumers can take advantage of through WH Solar. 

Posted by Guest Blogger on March 13, 2015

Curious about solar power but not sure how to take advantage of this renewable energy option? WH Solar, a subsidiary of Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association (WH), is building solar communities where you can purchase solar energy instead of traditional electric grid energy. 

This energy is available in increments - as few as one panel, or as many as you need to power your home. There is no hassle or maintenance for you, because the solar panels are located on WH property and are maintained by WH. It is truly a worry-free renewable energy option for you, and you also receive a yard sign to display and let people know you are part of the program.

Find out how many solar panels you would need to power your home

 We have also recently added some new participation options:

1. No upfront cost/$0 down, and 15.5 cents per kWh for the energy output of the panel. This rate is locked in for 20 years.

2. Pre-pay: Choose to pay for energy from panels up front, and get savings on your electric bill immediately.

3. Meet in the middle: Pre-pay some of the panel cost, and have an even lower cost of energy each year.

WH Solar has completed two solar arrays that are currently in use (pictured below), and we are in the process of building a third solar community, with some spots still available. 

For further information, visit our solar calculator, which can also give you a feel for your different options. Or, send in a request via our solar web form.WH Solar has two solar communities located at Wright-Hennepin Electric's Rockford headquarters




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