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Electric Water Heaters

Heat your water the efficient way with an electric water heater from Wright-Hennepin. For more information call (763) 477-3000, or visit our rebates page, where you may be able to save more than $1,000 on a water heater!

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Westinghouse electric water heaters

Westinghouse electric water heater

Westinghouse electrical water heaters are some of the most efficient water heaters on the market. They feature superior corrosion resistance that eliminates the need for anode rods, and protects against harsh water conditions for a lifetime of durability against leaks. Westinghouse also offers a fantastic limited warranty.

Recommended specifications and dimensions 

Listed below are the dimensions and specifications for the 100 gallon water heater WH recommends using for the Quick Cash Water Heating Program. Notice the information listed in columns A, B, C and D correspond to the diagram below.

Specifications, dimensions and water temperature settings
Model Gallon A B C D Minimum Delivered Temp. Maximum Delivered Temp.  High Temp. Limit
WEC100C2X045 100 7.25" 52" 61" 27" 120°F

Electric water heater dimension report and diagram

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