Rebates from Wright-Hennepin

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Wright-Hennepin rebates are available for members who participate in energy-saving programs and who meet certain criteria. Rebates are for new installations only.

Rebate funding is limited and rebates are given on a first-come/first-serve basis and may end without notice. Applications for each rebate, along with rebate criteria, can be downloaded below and sent to WH for consideration. WH does not sell air source heat pumps/air conditioners, but we have several contractors available who meet guidelines that allow you to receive a rebate on this list. Please submit your rebate form as soon as possible.

The forms for air conditioners and air source heat pump rebates are provided by your contractor. In order to receive a rebate for air conditioners (15 and 16 SEER only) or air source heat pumps you must participate in our Energy-Saving air conditioning program. Rebates available for air source heat pumps: 13 SEER-$50, 14.5 SEER-$480, 15 SEER-$580, 16+ SEER-$630. Rebates available for air conditioners 15 SEER or higher are $25. Here is a list of qualified contractors.

Put money back in your pocket with a rebate from Wright-Hennepin!

2017 WH Energy Savings Residential Rebate Program

Quick Cash Air Source Heat Pump or Air Conditioner

Up to $900 on ASHP; up to $200 on AC

Electric Vehicle Charge Program

Up to $200 rebate
Energy-saving rate of $0.054

2017 Conservation Improvement Program Residential Rebates

(rebate dollars are limited, and will be paid on a first-come, first-served basis)

Pool Pumps

$400 for pool air source heat pump; $200 for variable speed pool pumps

Handful of money


Put money back in your pocket with a rebate from Wright-Hennepin!