Commercial Rebate Programs

Wright-Hennepin's commercial rebate programs offer financial incentives for its commercial, industrial and agricultural customers to invest in energy-efficient technologies. Standard rebates are available for lighting, HVAC technologies, motors, motor drives and other specific applications. Custom rebates may also be obtainable for other projects that will save energy, but don’t fall into any easily identifiable category. Rebate funds are limited. Customers and vendors should contact a commercial account representative for project pre-approval. Projects that do not receive pre-approval are not subject to any guarantee that rebate funds will be distributed. The following forms are also available in a Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat format by following the links below. Please contact your commercial account representative with any questions.

Lighting Retrofit Rebate

Lighting upgrades are often one of the most affordable options for businesses that want to reduce their energy use. Retrofit lighting system payback periods often range from one to four years. Benefits of upgrading or retrofitting lighting include:

  • Increased system control with energy-saving occupancy sensors and automatic controls
  • Enhanced lighting that will improve employee productivity
  • Reduced cooling loads – less waste heat is emitted by new lamp and ballast technology

Lighting Retrofit Rebate Application - Excel

Lighting Retrofit Rebate Application - PDF

New Construction Lighting Rebate Application - Excel

New Construction Lighting Rebate Application - PDF

LED Lighting Prescriptive Rebate Application - Excel

LED Lighting Prescriptive Rebate Application - PDF

Custom Lighting Grant Rebate Application - Excel

Custom Lighting Grant Rebate Application - PDF

High Efficiency Motors

Rebates for new premium efficiency motors are available, when replacing an existing lower efficiency motor. Motor rebates will apply only to new premium-efficiency motors used in a retrofit application; rewound or repaired motors do not qualify. Rebates apply to motors from one horsepower to 200 horsepower that meet or exceed premium-efficiency standards and offer the following features:

  • AC polyphase induction motor
  • Squirrel cage rotor design
  • NEMA design B torque characteristics
  • Synchronous speeds of 3600, 1800, 1200 rpm
  • The nameplate of the new motor must clearly state the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) premium efficiency in order to qualify for rebates.

Premium Efficiency Motor Rebate Application - Excel

Premium Efficiency Motor Rebate Application - PDF

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Rebate

A high-efficiency cooling or heating system can give you immediate energy savings and lower maintenance costs. Energy-efficient rebates are available for the following equipment: chillers, cooling towers, variable air volume systems, water source heat pumps, rooftop units, condensing units, split systems, economizers and packaged terminal air conditioners. In general, rebates are calculated on a per-ton basis. Additionally, incentives for units that further exceed the minimum efficiency requirements may qualify you for additional funds.

Rooftop and Padmount HVAC Rebate Application - Excel

Rooftop and Padmount HVAC Rebate Application - PDF

Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate Application - Excel

Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate Application - PDF

Compressed Air Evaluation Rebate Program - Excel

Compressed Air Evaluation Rebate Program - PDF

Custom Efficiency Rebates

Wright-Hennepin offers customized rebates for commercial, industrial and agricultural members who purchase and install qualifying energy-efficient products that do not qualify under any other rebate category.

The custom rebate value is based on estimated demand (kW) savings and annual energy (kWh) savings, which is calculated by using equipment nameplate data, manufacturer specification sheets or actual metered data. Only project costs that are directly associated with the energy-efficiency measure can be included. Simple payback must be equal to or greater than one year.

Custom Rebate Application - Excel

Custom Rebate Application - PDF

Variable Frequency Drive Rebate

Most electric motors operate at nearly a constant speed and are designed to operate most efficiently at their rated horsepower listing. However, the load or work that motors need to perform can often be accomplished by operating the motor at less than the maximum design speed. Therefore, you can save energy by varying the motor’s speed to match the work that needs to be performed with a variable frequency motor drive.

Variable Frequency Drive Rebate Application - Excel

Variable Frequency Drive Rebate Application - PDF