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A simple, affordable new way to participate in the excitement of solar energy!

Purchasing clean energy just got easy with WH Solar’s community solar program, letting you purchase electricity from solar panel(s) so that more of your home’s energy is coming from green, environmentally-friendly power – and all without making changes to your home.

How it works:

Step 1: Pick the number of panels you would like to purchase energy from. For the average home, one solar panel will cover approximately 8 percent of the home’s energy use. The nice thing about community solar is that it can be added incrementally, meaning you can start off with just one or two panels and add more later on.

Step 2: Choose the rate that works best for you. WH Solar offers two options: an up-front investment or a 20-year fixed energy rate.

Step 3: WH Solar will assign a spot for you in the next solar community. You won’t have to worry about installation and will simply be notified when your panel(s) is up and running.

Step 4: Start noticing the difference on your monthly electric bill. Each month you will receive a portion of the production from the solar community. This portion is based on the number of panels you have chosen to purchase energy from. Depending on the rate you chose, you will either notice a credit on your bill or a flat 20-year fixed rate. In addition to locking in your price for power, you will also be making a commitment to the environment.

Check out this  calculator from the Environmental Protection Agency where you can calculate how much greenhouse gas you could save the environment by choosing solar.

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