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Beat summer heat without large electric bills

Summer temperatures are just around the corner, but that doesn't mean your electric bill needs to rise with them. Check out these tips for how to beat the summer heat without large electric bills. 

Saving energy by maintaining your air conditioner

Learn how to keep your air conditioner tuned up and working properly for summer. 

Go green with energy efficient landscaping

Don't just make your yard eye-pleasing, make it energy efficient. 

Mark your calendar for WH's Annual Meeting

Get ready for food, fun, and much more at WH's 2016 Annual Meeting! 

Dual Fuel: Why and when it is controlled

 Find out when and why dual fuel and other off-peak programs are controlled. 

Tips for purchasing and operating space heaters

 Do your homework before buying a space heater, and make sure you know how to operate it safely. 

Set a timer on your engine block heater this winter

Avoid added costs from heating your engine all night by installing a timer. 

Happy Holidays from WH! Your cooperative is returning $2.6 million in capital credits

Wright-Hennepin is pleased to announce that it will again provide capital credit refunds to members this holiday season.

The wild and wonderful world of programmable thermostats

One easy way to save money on your energy bill is to install a programmable thermostat.

Maintaining your water heater is invaluable

A few preventative measures and maintenance procedures can keep your water heater operating properly and help you save money.

Tree-trimming weather: the chillier the better

As temperatures cool trees become dormant, offering perfect timing for tree trimming because of a reduced risk of spreading diseases.

An update on the Bantam Solar project

Taking a look at the construction of the first-ever Bantam Solar project between Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association and the City of Rockford.

Maintaining your refrigerator and freezer is an easy way to save money and conserve energy

 There are a few things you can do to conserve energy with your fridge and freezer to save money while ensuring they are running properly. 

The secret to comfort: air distribution

 A properly designed air distribution system will allow your equipment to run efficiently and won't require an extra oversized motor that will cost more to operate. 

What is an air source heat pump?

 Learn about air source heat pumps: an energy-efficient alternative to your furnace and air conditioner. 

How to properly maintain your mechanical ventilation system

Whether you hire a technician, or want to take some of the maintenance into your own hands, learn about the importance of maintaining your mechanical ventilation system with this blog. 

WH Solar frequently asked questions

 Questions about community solar and other offerings from WH Solar? This blog addresses some of our most frequently asked questions. 

Keeping your house cool beyond AC

When the heat rises most of us simply turn up our air conditioners. But this blog has tips on how to cool your home in other ways. 

Protecting your trees from emerald ash borers

 Learn how you can protect your trees from emerald ash borers in this blog. 

Tune up to cool down!

 Want your air conditioner running at peak performance? Read this blog about AC maintenance, and stay cool this summer.