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Day to day energy saving tips for families to practice this summer

You and your family can work together to save energy. Begin with these simple ideas today.

What is an electric car?

Learn why electric cars are growing in popularity and what makes them unique.

Day to day energy saving tips for families to practice this summer

Learn how you and your family can work together to save energy this summer!

What is an electric car?

Electric cars are growing in popularity. Learn more about the history of electric cars, how they run, gas mileage and more.

What is an electric car?

Learn why electric cars are unique and why they are growing in popularity.

How to save energy with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in creating a home. Learn how you can experience the benefits of outdoor lighting while saving energy.

A message from our CEO on the current status of storm damage and outage restoration

Check out the latest information from CEO Mark Vogt.

Is your air conditioner not cooling the way it used to?

Did you know that your air conditioner system needs to be cleaned in order to run properly? Find out the cleaning method steps here.

Standard Air Conditioning verses Air Source Heat Pumps

Have you ever wondered how standard air conditioning compares to air source heat pumps? Find out more information here.

Air Conditioning SEER ratings explained

As warmer weather approaches, it is important to begin thinking about your air conditioner. Find information about air conditioner shopping, rebates and ratings here.

Save with a new refrigerator while recycling your old one

Learn how to shop for an efficient refrigerator and how Wright-Hennepin can help you recycle your old one.

Did someone say annual meeting?

Find the energy saving booth at WH's Annual Meeting!

What's happening with the WH Solar Community?

Learn about new updates on the WH Solar Community project.

Solar proposals in legislature are out of this world.

The Minnesota Legislature is considering several proposals that would negatively impact WH's members and all cooperative members across the state. Learn how you can help to oppose these proposals.

Save money on your lighting costs

Read an overview of the various types of lighting types and learn which type is most energy efficient.

WH's Off-Peak Programs Explained

How WH's Off-Peak program works

So, What is a Cooperative Anyway?

Information on what makes a cooperative different from other companies.

Why Energy Star for your Home.

Learn how Energy Star products compare to conventional appliances.

Tools used to help you discover your daily energy use around the home

Have you ever wondered how much energy is used to operate your home appliances? You may also be curious about hidden energy leaks or drafts in your home. Let's discover how you can monitor your energy consumption and save money.

Save energy by using less water

Water conservation is very important. It saves energy as well as water. There are many simple was to conserve water….