Renewable energy

Exciting news! Wright-Hennepin is starting a third solar community

Wright-Hennepin (WH) is introducing a very unique way to own solar by pairing two popular options: community solar and $0-down pricing!

What is an electric car?

Learn why electric cars are growing in popularity and what makes them unique.

What is an electric car?

Electric cars are growing in popularity. Learn more about the history of electric cars, how they run, gas mileage and more.

What's happening with the WH Solar Community?

Learn about new updates on the WH Solar Community project.

Simple ways to take advantage of solar and wind energy in your home

Solar and wind energy has become more popular in recent years as many people are looking for cleaner, renewable sources of energy. However, most people don’t realize that we’ve been using solar and wind energy for years – even before electricity was being generated.