Tools and improvements for your home

New Year's energy efficiency resolutions for your home

Start off the new year by saving some money on your energy bill with these tips.

Energy Efficient Smartphone Apps

Learn about energy efficient smartphone apps!

Use an advanced power strip to save energy and money

Learn how using advanced power strips can save you energy and money!

How a Home Energy Assessment can help you save energy

Save money by completing a Home Energy Assessment.

Tools used to help you discover your daily energy use around the home

Have you ever wondered how much energy is used to operate your home appliances? You may also be curious about hidden energy leaks or drafts in your home. Let's discover how you can monitor your energy consumption and save money.

Energy-saving lessons from The Littlest User 2

It was another strong season for The Littlest User contest. This year, we had 31 teams participate. Together, they saved a whopping 14,293 kWh. Check out the link on our home page to see how all the teams did.

Window coverings can help you save energy in your home

Have you ever sat in the sunshine that streams in through your home’s windows? Although that warmth feels pretty great on a cold winter day, in the summer, it can actually be adding a few degrees to your home’s temperature.

Save energy by reducing phantom loads

Have you ever gotten up at night to get a glass of water and noticed a lot of little red lights shining around your living room? Devices that produce these lights are constantly drawing energy – whether they’re on or off.

Top 10 tips learned from energy-saving contest

What would you do with an extra $1,200? That is what one family calculated their electric bill savings to be over a four-month period of actively conserving energy. This family also won Wright-Hennepin’s 2011 “Littlest User” energy-saving contest.