Rebates are Available Through Wright-Hennepin

Contractor working at job site

Wright-Hennepin rebates are available for members who participate in energy-saving programs and who meet certain criteria. Rebates are for new installations only. 

Become a Certified Contractor to Qualify for an Air Conditioner or Air Source Heat Pump Rebate

It is important to note, that in order for members to receive an air conditioner or air source heat pump rebate, the installation contractor must be a Great River Energy certified contractor or NATE Service or installation-certified. Become a certified contractor, or if you're a certified contractor and need to order more rebate forms, visit Other educational information is available at to help you through the testing and certification process.

2017 WH Energy Savings Residential Rebate Program 

Ground Source Heat Pump - up to $750

Quick Cash Air Source Heat Pump or Air Conditioner - up to $900 on ASHP; up to $200 on AC

Peak Shave Water Heating - $15/kW

Quick Cash Water Heating - up to $750

Electric Vehicle Storage Charge Program  - $200

Metered Water Storage Program - $0.06/kWh rate

2017 Conservation Improvement Program Residential Rebates

(Rebate dollars are limited, and will be paid on a first-come, first-served basis)

Ground Source Heat Pump - up to $1,200

Ductless Air Source Heat Pump - $200

Quick Cash or Metered Water Heating Program - $300

Dual Fuel Program - up to $250

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) - up to $250

HVAC Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) - up to $100

Pool Pumps - $400 for ASHP; $200 for pool pumps

Electric Vehicle Charger - $500

The forms for air conditioners and air source heat pump rebates are provided by your contractor. In order to receive a rebate for air conditioners (15 and 16 SEER only) or air source heat pumps you must participate in our Energy-Saving air conditioning program. Rebates available for air source heat pumps: 13 SEER-$50, 14.5 SEER-$480, 15 SEER-$580, 16 SEER-$630. Rebates available for air conditioners 15 SEER or higher are $25. Here is a list of qualified contractors.

Air conditioner/Air Source Heat Pump rebate information

As of June 1, 2007, all air conditioning and air source heat pump systems must be installed by certified contractors to be eligible for rebates from Wright-Hennepin. Participation in the Energy-Saving air conditioning program is required to receive this rebate.