WH Bylaws

What are Bylaws?

WH’s Bylaws are the rules governing the regulation of the cooperative. Bylaws are used to:

  • Communicate organizational rules
  • Avoid disputes and conflict
  • Educate incoming directors, officers and others
  • Help meetings and elections run smoothly

What is found in the Bylaws?

In the Bylaws, you will find detailed information on various topics. Topics include:

  • Purpose of the organization
  • Members' rights, roles and responsibilities
  • Organization’s government – definition, roles, rights and responsibilities
  • Annual Meeting, special meetings and quorums
  • Voting for board of directors
  • Directors – powers, qualifications, tenure, rules and regulations plus additional details
  • Officers – elections, term of office, duties and procedures
  • Distribution of earnings, including Capital Credits
  • Amendments
  • Non-discrimination statement

You can view the full Bylaws document online or request a print copy by calling (763) 477-3000.