Co-op Connections Program

How can the Co-op Connections card promote my business?

Co-Op Connections Card

The Co-op Connections program is a member rewards program that provides a way for your business to advertise to more than 46,000 Wright-Hennepin members at no charge. Business promotions are listed on a national website, Wright-Hennepin's website, Wright-Hennepin's Facebook and Twitter pages, Wright-Hennepin's Hotline Update newsletter and on information distributed to new members. Every Wright-Hennepin member received a free card in 2007, and since then, all new members receive a card in their new member welcome packet.

When your business joins the Co-Op Connections program, you will receive free counter cards and window decals to denote your participation. There is no cost to join the Co-Op Connections program.

If you want your business to be advertised for free, please fill out this form and mail it back to
Wright-Hennepin, attention marketing.