Voting for a Director

Wright-Hennepin’s electric service territory is divided into nine districts, each represented by a board member. Members in the districts up for election are invited to vote for a Director to represent their district at the Annual Meeting.

Election schedule:
Districts 4, 6, 8 election: 2025
Districts 2, 5, 7 election: 2026
Districts 1, 3, 9 election: 2027

How do I vote in an election?

Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), an independent firm, conducts WH's director election. A few weeks prior to the election, SBS will mail a paper ballot to all members in the districts with directors up for election.

Members can fill out the ballot and return it via mail, vote online, or vote in person at WH's Annual Meeting. The mailed paper ballot includes instructions for voting online. Members may only vote once. Voting closes the day of the Annual Meeting.

Election results are announced at the conclusion of the business meeting portion of the Annual Meeting.

Members may vote once per household. If a member votes online and mails a ballot, only the first submission will count.

Voting online:

  1. Go to to access the login page of the official WH election.
  2. Enter your Member Number and your Election Passcode, located on the blue return envelope. (See screen shot below.) Use both numbers to login.
  3. Once registered, follow the online voting instructions.

Blue voting envelope example


For assistance voting online, please email the SBS election support team at or via phone at 866.909.3549 Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time.

WH district map