Wright-Hennepin investigates load management malfunction

Posted on July 1, 2011

Rockford, Minn. (July 1, 2011) — Due to an equipment malfunction, a group of Wright-Hennepin’s (WH) load control receivers were not functioning properly during the late afternoon and evening of June 30 when temperatures were in the high 90s. A local telecommunications company also experienced a DSL outage at that time, which further complicated this situation as WH uses DSL connections in the process of cycling load management receivers. This resulted in a number of air conditioners on Off-Peak programs failing to cycle on and off.

Corrections were made and all air conditioners were functioning properly shortly after 8 p.m. WH is investigating the incident and taking measures to ensure this problem does not reoccur.

“WH’s Off-Peak programs are a great way for members to conserve energy and save money,” said WH President and CEO Mark Vogt. “Reliable service to our members is our foremost concern, and we’re constantly working to improve the efficiency and reliability of our equipment.” 

If you have any questions regarding this incident, please contact WH at 763-477-3000.

WH is a member-owned non-profit electric utility that provides electric power to Wright County and the western part of Hennepin County. The cooperative has been a corporate citizen in this area since 1937 and currently serves more than 46,000 electric accounts. The utility started its security division in 1989 that provides local home security solutions as well as monitors alarm systems for more than 50,000 customers in 32 states and three Canadian provinces.