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WH Holding subsidiary businesses

WH owns multiple subsidiary businesses, which are separate from the electric operation.

WH Holding is the legal umbrella under which these businesses reside, protecting the electric cooperative's not-for-profit status. WH Holding absorbs approximately $1.6 million per year in cost allocations from the electric operation that otherwise would need to be reflected in members' electric rates. These businesses keep costs down by generating profits and eating costs, which offsets the retail price of electricity for WH members.

WH Security

To enhance the lives of our membership, Wright-Hennepin started a home security company in 1989 called WH Security. WH Security provides homes and businesses in the Twin Cities area with home alarm systems and monitoring.

WH Services

WH Services provides two different services to our customers: appliance repair and tree trimming.

  • WH Appliance Repair helps you with unexpected appliance repair costs.
  • WH Tree Services provides tree trimming and removal services, Emerald Ash Borer treatments, and right-of-way tree trimming.

WH International Response Center (WHIRC)

WHIRC provides 24-hour wholesale monitoring services for security dealers in 40 states.

WH Generation

WH Generation provides back-up power solutions that improve electric service reliability for commercial members.