2017 Capital Credit Refunds

To cap off 2017, Wright-Hennepin (WH) is proud to announce a $3.6 million capital credit refund to members!

Posted by Stacie Nielsen on December 11, 2017

For the third year in a row, Wright- Hennepin (WH) is breaking records with the largest general retirement ever returned in the history of the cooperative. To cap off 2017, WH is proud to announce a $3.6 million capital credit refund to members! This marks the 37th consecutive year that WH has returned capital credits to members. Members who purchased electricity from WH in 1993, 1994 and a portion of 2016 will receive a capital credit refund, as declared by WH’s Board of Directors. Members will receive a check in the mail if their refund is $5 or greater unless they have opted to receive a bill credit (see your December bill insert or go online at whe.org). Members whose refund is between $1.00 and $4.99 will automatically receive a bill credit instead of a check.

WH is a not-for-profit cooperative owned by the members it serves. Our mission is to provide electric power at the cost of service. Any remaining “margins” collected after operating expenses are returned to you, the member-owners. Before returning margins back to members, WH uses the capital to offset the cost of maintenance and construction of the electric distribution system.

“We’re happy to show our members the value of their ownership through capital credits,” said WH Board Chair Erick Heinz. “Based on the co-op's strong financial performance, we're pleased to return greater margins to our members for the third straight year.”

Stacie Nielsen

Stacie Nielsen

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