Electrical meter seals

Learn what meter seals are and why they are used.

Posted by Ted Inman on July 12, 2019

If you look at your electrical meter and equipment, you will see a small object made of wire and plastic. This is called a seal.

These are both seals on electrical equipment.

Seals serve a couple different purposes when it comes to electrical meters and equipment. One purpose is for safety. The seal locks the enclosure to prevent accidental contact with the high voltage and to keep the equipment itself safe.

A second purpose is to prevent meter tampering. Meter tampering includes causing the meter to run slower (or not at all) and diverting electricity from the meter. If a Wright-Hennepin (WH) field worker finds a seal clipped, concerns are raised and investigated.

Electrical meter with a clipped seal.

In addition to the main electrical meter, many of our members participate in our Energy-Saving Programs, which are controlled by a load control switch. These switches also require a seal. If one of these seals is found clipped, it could mean the load control was bypassed and the member is losing Energy-Saving Program credits.

Load control switch's seal has been clipped.

If a contractor is coming to your home to do work on electrical equipment or service, please call WH ahead of time to let us know the seal will be clipped. We will send a WH field worker to your home to reseal the equipment when the work is completed.

Lastly, with the growing season in full swing, remember to trim your shrubs and other foliage to keep your electrical meters and equipment clear of obstructions.

Make sure to trim your foliage.