Understand your energy use and save through MyMeter

Have you ever received your electric bill and wondered why your use was different from the month before?

Posted by Guest Blogger on July 9, 2012

Have you ever received your electric bill and wondered why your usage was different from the month before?

If you want to have a better understanding of your electric use, all you have to do is go to Wright-Hennepin’s website, and sign up for MyMeter. It’s a free online service that allows you to view your daily energy use. 

This service is made possible through our meter system, which sends in your energy use (the number of kilowatt hours used) every night. Before this system was installed, we only took meter reads every month because it was necessary to send someone to your home to manually take your reading. By taking readings more frequently, we can help you pinpoint what activities cause your energy use to jump.

Through MyMeter, you’ll be able to see how different activities like doing laundry, turning on your air conditioning and putting up Christmas lights affect your day-to-day energy use.On the flip side, if you’re getting a new air conditioner, replacing windows, adding insulation or just switching to more energy-efficient lighting, you can use energy markers on MyMeter to track your energy savings. This will provide you with the ability to mark the exact day you made changes to your home so you can see if your usage is going up or down. MyMeter also graphs each day’s high temperature to help you understand how your heat and air conditioning use affect your energy consumption.

On the MyMeter website, there’s a tab labeled energy challenge. If you feel like saving some money (and who doesn’t?), try this out. You can set a goal to reduce your use by 1-20 percent. For tips to help you reduce your energy use, check out Wright-Hennepin’s Green Tweet Twitter profile: @WHGreenTweet.

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