WH's Off-Peak Programs Explained

How WH's Off-Peak program works

Posted by Guest Blogger on February 25, 2013

What is Off-Peak? Let me explain.

There are three parts to Energy-Saving. The bill credits, the equipment and the load control. The whole idea behind Energy-Saving is to save the member money on their electric bill and to reduce the amount of electricity that would need to be purchased by the cooperative during periods when costs of the whole-sale power are high.

W-H has several Off-Peak energy-saving programs to offer members. There is water storage, Dual Fuel, air conditioning and heat storage. Water storage and heat storage is basically the same program. Under this program, water and heat storage units are electrically regenerated during the nighttime hours (11 p.m. to 7 a.m.) when energy demands are low. During the remainder of the twenty-four hour period, the units are shut down, eight hours on and 16 hours off, occurring daily. In return for allowing this timing, the member receives a lower rate on their bill.

This equates to electric resistance heat, plenum heaters, electric boilers, baseboard units and other heating systems can be used on the Dual Fuel program. These systems are then shut down or controlled during times of peak demand. Control times  occur on days of high electrical demands, high wholesale energy prices or system emergencies. Dual Fuel can be controlled as much as 400 hours per heating season and up to 12 hours per day. Typical control times are generally between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Central air conditioning and heat pumps are eligible for the Off-Peak program. Customs with air conditioning systems on the program receive a discount on their electric bills for allowing the cooperative to cycle their air conditioner on and off during times of peak demand. Cycling can occur for up to six hours per day and up to 200 hours per cooling season. Controlled cooling is generally during the hottest days of summer. During cycling periods, the system will cycle in 15 minute increments. Cooling will run for 15 minutes and then will be off for 15 minutes.

Off-Peak programs can save members almost 60% of their general service rate. About 50 percent of our membership is on one or more Off-Peak programs. This helps the entire member base save dollars on the purchase of wholesale power. It is a great program for all members!

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