A winter evening: Brought to you by electricity

Days are getting shorter as winter sets in, but electricity is help keeping us warm!

Posted by Guest Blogger on November 29, 2018

Days are getting shorter as winter sets in, but the electricity provided by your local cooperative means it doesn’t have to be dark or cold.

Electricity is one of the most dependable, abundant, versatile and affordable energy sources available today – and Minnesotans know it’s essential to surviving the winter months.

Whether it’s through a ground-source heat pump that takes stored heat from the earth to warm your home or an air-source heat pump that extracts existing warmth from outdoor air to keep it comfortable inside, you can be assured you are receiving reliable and efficient electricity.            

If you go into hibernation mode once the snow starts falling you can feel good knowing it’ll only cost $35 to heat your electric blanket all winter long. Cooking meals for the family in the crockpot for a week? Not even a dollar. And two hours of the kids playing video games costs just 5 cents.

Besides the warmth electricity can provide, it also lights the kitchen table for homework, brightens the driveway while you shovel and illuminates the hallway nightlight so you can make midnight snack trips to the fridge without stubbing a toe.

Wright-Hennepin (WH) works hard to provide the reliable, affordable service required to offer you and your family all of the creature comforts needed to make it through – and even enjoy – the winter season.

Learn how you can save even more this winter with WH Energy-Saving Programs and rebates.

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