Electric options for your propane or fuel oil heating system

Learn how adding a plenum heater to your forced air system will save you money

Posted by Guest Blogger on October 21, 2013

Are you getting tired of paying one big lump sum at the beginning of the year for your propane or fuel oil? You may also wonder about if you should prepay or not. Or, you may be thinking about the weather will be like or how much propane or fuel oil that you will actually need. Well, there is a great solution to help your concerns: add a plenum heating to your existing furnace.

Adding a plenum heater to your existing furnace is a simple process and in many cases your furnace and electrical equipment is already suited to handle a plenum heater. By using a plenum heater on WH’s Dual Fuel program, you will be heating your house with electricity the majority of the time. The only time you use the fossil fuel is when WH has a high demand day and shuts your plenum heater off. Your furnace will automatically switch to your backup fuel source during that high demand time and when this period is complete; your plenum heater will automatically resume normal operation.

By adding a plenum heater to your forced air system you will save money anytime propane prices are $1.30 per gallon or above and anytime fuel oil is $2.20 per gallon or above*. If you are using fuel oil with a 95 percent furnace, the price per gallon has to be under $2.20 per gallon. Or if you’re currently using a hot water boiler to heat your house, you can put an electric boiler in line with it. When you’re heating with electric, you will have monthly bills for your heating.  

So before you install your next heating system or just want to lower your yearly budget, contact a representative to find out which option is best to help you save: (763) 477-3000.

*Based on 95 percent furnace efficiency.

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