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Posted by Guest Blogger on September 1, 2014

Are you trying to save energy? Well there are energy efficient smartphone apps for that! In addition to taking photos, using maps and playing games, smartphones allow users the ability to download a variety of energy efficient apps. With a smartphone, it is easier than ever to start saving energy today! The best part is that most of them are free. Here are a few app suggestions to get you started:

MyMeter App : MyMeter is a free service that allows you to track and chart your daily energy use, compare your home’s energy use data to an average of other homes in your area and set goals for yourself to reduce your home energy use. This service can also be downloaded as a smartphone app. To get started today, visit your smartphone’s app store and search for “MyMeter.”

Touchstone Energy App: This app gives energy-saving tips to practice as you work on household tasks such as cooking or doing laundry. In addition, because most energy is consumed by heating and cooling our houses, the app also provides several tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your heating and cooling equipment. Finally, the app also has an energy calculator to give you a comparison on the price and energy use of different light bulbs, water heaters and refrigerators. This will help you understand how swapping out old appliances with new ones can save you energy.

Bulb Finder App: Bulb Finder allows users to select bulbs from around their house to figure out efficiency, while providing energy-saving tips. For example, you can enter the number of bulbs your kitchen’s chandelier has, as well as the wattage and how many hours that chandelier is on. The bulb finder smartphone app will then show you what bulb is most efficient to buy for your chandelier.

For more information on energy efficient smartphone apps, visit the Alliance To Save Energy (ASE) energy management app page. To download apps, visit your app store and search for the app’s name.

Energy efficient smartphone apps

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