Why Energy Star for your Home.

Learn how Energy Star products compare to conventional appliances.

Posted by Guest Blogger on February 12, 2013

 Energy Star products in your home can help reduce your energy costs, improve your comfort and reduce greenhouse gasses. Energy Star was established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).The EPA also set the standards for appliances to qualify for the energy star logo.

 In order to receive the rating, Energy star products must contribute significant savings, they must deliver features and performances demanded by consumers and purchase cost over a conventional appliance must be recovered by the efficiency savings over a reasonable amount of time. 

 These products deliver the same or better performance as comparable models while using less energy and saving the owner money. Energy Star also provides easy-to-use home and building assessment tools so that homeowners and building managers can start down the path to greater efficiency and cost savings

Energy Star products are more efficient than conventional appliances. They may cost a little more, but the energy savings from using an Energy Star product will pay for the upcharges in a short period of time.

 Special offers and rebates on Energy Star products add great incentives to purchase them. Here is a small list of products that may qualify for tax incentives and/or rebates:

 Appliances: clothes washers, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, dehumidifiers and room air conditioners.

 Fans: ceiling fans, residential ventilation fans

 Heating and cooling equipment: boilers, central AC, air source heat pumps, furnaces, geothermal heat pumps, programmable thermostats.

 Home Electronics: audio and DVD products, audi/video, cordless phones, DVD and Blu-ray, phones and answering machines, televisions.

 Home Envelope: insulation, roof products, window, doors and skylights

 Lighting products: CFL bulbs, ceiling fans, decorative light strings, LED lighting, light fixtures.

 Office equipment: computers, copiers, fax machines, digital duplicators, mailing machines, multifunction devices, notebook computers/tablet pcs, printers and scanners.

 Residential Water Heaters: gas-condensing , heat pump, high-efficiency gas storage, solar – electric, solar – gas, gas tankless.

 To find a product that you are in the market for, go to www.energystar.gov, Look for the product finder for rebates and to see what offers are available. You may also check with your local utilities for any rebates that may be available.

Look for the Energy Star logo when purchasing products for your home. Energy Star is a WIN WIN for everyone. 

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