Ensuring Your Electric Bill Doesn't Increase While You're Away

 Learn how you can avoid unexpected increases in your electric bill, and monitor your daily energy use MyMeter. 

Posted by Ruth Potter on February 24, 2015

 Did you know that you can monitor your electric usage when you are away from home?

Do you hate surprise increases to your electric bill waiting for you when you return from a vacation or a weekend away? Enroll in Wright-Hennepin’s MyMeter program and you’ll be able to monitor your electric usage wherever you go. 

MyMeter is available through the internet while you’re vacationing, and can alert you via text or email when your usage goes above a threshold level that you have pre-set. 

Ever worry you left something running in your home? Instead of finding out when your next bill arrives, you can get a notification within two days of a spike in your electric usage. MyMeter can also alert you to Off-Peak control periods and power outages, allowing you to rest assured while away from home. 

Signing up is easy. Just visit mymeter.whe.org and click “create an account,” or call (763) 477-3000 for more information. And for more about MyMeter and other alerts that can ease your mind, visit WH’s My Account page.

MyMeter can inform you of your daily energy usage, and prevent unexpected expenses on your bill

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