Get empowered with outage alerts

 Don't get left in the dark. Find out how outage alerts from WH can keep you informed during a power outage. 

Posted by Jen Virnig on June 11, 2015

Ever have your power go out and wonder why?  Ever wish you could receive an outage notification letting you know your power is out, even when you are away?  Wouldn’t it be great to know the estimated time it will take to have your power restored?

Sign up for outage notifications now to receive alerts of outages. These alerts are sent to you either via email, text message or both when a power outage occurs . You will be provided with estimated restoration times.  

You can also view an outage map , which will show you where the outage is located. Learn more about ways to prepare for power outages on our power outage preparation page .

  Don't get left in the dark, outage alerts from WH will keep you informed