How a Home Energy Assessment can help you save energy

Save money by completing a Home Energy Assessment.

Posted by Guest Blogger on August 30, 2013

Are you interested in lowering your energy bill, but not sure where to begin? Many homeowners are unaware of how their home is using energy inefficiently. Similarly, many homeowners are not familiar with all of the cost-effective measures they can take to help reduce their energy use. To discover where and how your home is using energy inefficiently or what you can to do to help reduce your energy use, begin with a home energy assessment. You can hire a Wright-Hennepin Electric Energy Use Consultant (EUC) to complete a detailed energy assessment to your home. Our EUC will invite you to walk around your home with them and look at the following items:

  • Windows and door seals (visual check to look for leaks)
  • Water heater (check for water heater condition and temperature settings)
  • Faucets (check for leaks)
  • Thermostat settings
  • Air Filters
  • Heating and cooling appliances
  • Lighting

The EUC may also check other unique areas that are specific to your home. After our EUC has completed the walk through they will review some action items you may want to consider to improve the efficiency of your home. You can then implement the changes and improvements you would like to make and begin saving energy immediately!

If you are interested in a WH energy assessment, call a representative at: (763) 477-3000 or visit our energy assessment page.


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