Four ways Santa saves energy in his workshop

This holiday season, Santa’s making the most of energy savings in his workshop, and you can too!

Posted by Guest Blogger on December 10, 2020

Photo credit: Alicia Slough

The holiday season is finally upon us, and Santa and his elves have been especially busy as they gear up for their biggest night of the year.

It’s no secret that Santa is known for running an efficient workshop–– how else could he make all those toys in time for Christmas Eve? Rumor has it that one way Santa ensures an efficient workspace is through energy-saving measures.

Here are four ways Santa saves energy in his workshop.

  1. Santa leaves his decorations up year-round, so by using LED holiday light strands, he’s able to save on his monthly energy bills. LED holiday strands can last up to 40 seasons, which make them a great option for any festive home.
  2. Santa requires several power tools to make a year’s worth of new toys. That’s why he insists on using cordless power tools with the ENERGY STAR® rating. According to, if all power tools in the U.S. used ENERGY STAR®-rated battery chargers, 2 billion kWh hours of electricity could be saved––that’s equivalent to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1.7 million tons!
  3. Mrs. Claus loves to keep warm by the fire in the evenings, and Santa knows one of the best tricks to ensure fireplace efficiency. While a fireplace can keep a small area of your home cozy and warm, it can also pull heated air from the room through the chimney. That’s why Santa always closes the fireplace flue when a fire isn’t burning.
  4. Santa also saves energy by using power strips. Power strips are ideal for workshops, craft nooks, game rooms and other spaces in your home. With one simple switch, you can conveniently control several devices and electronics that are plugged into the power strip.

This holiday season, let’s take a page from Santa’s book and remember to save energy when possible. With these four tips, you’ll be well on your way to savings (and hopefully, Santa’s “nice” list!).

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