Keep your house cool and energy bill low with these summer energy-saving tips

Use these tips to save some extra money this summer. 

Posted by Ruth Potter on June 19, 2015

There’s no reason to spend unnecessary money on power when you can avoid it with a few simple energy tips for the summer: 

• Rearrange your furniture to take advantage of breezes on cooler days, and make sure not to cover any vents to ensure proper circulation when you do run your air conditioner. 

• Have a professional inspect and tune your AC to avoid it breaking down on a sweltering day. 

• Avoid using your oven and grill meals outside. 

• Use blinds and curtains to keep temperatures down in your home on sunny days. 

• Every time the door opens, warm air comes in and cool air goes out, so minimize the amount of trips you take in and out of the house. 

• Open your windows at night to take advantage of cooler temperatures. 

• Use ceiling fans to circulate air, but remember: fans cool people, not rooms. 

• Dry your clothes by hanging them outside. 

• Use as much natural light as possible. 

You’ll notice the difference on your electric bill by following these simple tips and will conserve energy in your home. And don’t forget to sign up for WH's Quick Cash program, which can save you $20 from June through September. 

 Save some extra money on your energy bill this summer with these tips

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