Keeping your house cool beyond AC

When the heat rises most of us simply turn up our air conditioners. But this blog has tips on how to cool your home in other ways. 

Posted by Nathan Karels on August 4, 2015

 As the summer temperatures rise, many of us are turning to air conditioning units to provide cool comfort from the heat.  Central air conditioning is a wonderful technology and most of us could not imagine living without it. But with the heat comes higher energy bills. 

One way to help save on your electric bills is to make sure your air conditioning unit is operating at its peak performance by having a maintenance contractor service it at least once a summer.  Also, make sure to change your furnace filters on a regular basis.  

There are also other simple and effective ways that you can keep your home cool beyond air conditioning:

• Use circulating fans in your home.  Just remember that the fans help cool people, not rooms.  Do not leave a fan on when not in the room.  

• Keep your doors to the outside closed.

• Take a walk around your house and try to seal any cracks or air leaks.  Check around windows, doors and the foundation. Use a good silicone caulk to stop any air from leaking out.

• Cook or grill outside as much as possible.  If you can, use the microwave and not the stove.

• Take a good look in your attic.  Make sure there is adequate ventilation; the soffits should have a clear air path to the vents at the peak. Also check to make sure you have enough insulation as well.

• Cover your windows with blinds or shades.  The sun has a ton of power in the summer, and will heat your home quickly through the windows.

• Plan outside landscaping accordingly.  Shade trees placed in the right spot will help keep the sun’s rays at bay.  Shrubs around the foundation will also help keep things cool.

By following these simple ideas, cooling your house can be accomplished without raising your electric bill.  And remember, if you do not have any off-peak air conditioning on your home, call (763) 477-3000 or visit and sign up for the Quick Cash Air Conditioning Program.  It can save you $20 from June through September. Cool your home in other ways than just using your air conditioner.

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Nathan Karels

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