Maintaining your air source heat pump

Learn more about maintaining your air source heat pump to provide great energy efficiency and climate comfort for your home.

Posted by Grant Bowman on June 19, 2020

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) provide great energy efficiency and climate comfort for your home. As time and technology has evolved and improved so have ASHPs. For example, when ASHPs were first used, they could only provide heat in 30 or higher degree (Fahrenheit) weather and cold air could only be provided on a cooler day. Now, ASHPs are designed to provide heat in low temperatures, including below zero, and provide cool air in higher temperatures.

An ASHP is a great option to consider for heating and cooling your home, but like any piece of equipment it must be maintained to get the best energy efficiency and reliability. Since AHSPs both heat and cool, they need to be maintained both in the winter and in the summer.

Below are some general maintenance you can perform to help AHSPs run their best.

  • When considering the location of the outdoor unit, keep in mind the following:
    • Do not place it under low rise decks. This can impede the airflow and capacity.
    • Do not place it under the drip line of the roof. In colder months, ice will build up on the fan blades or drop onto the unit from above.
    • Mount unit off the ground on a heat pump riser. This will help to keep it out of the snow and allow ice produced in its defrost mode to drain away from the base.
  • Keep foliage trimmed back and away from the top and sides of the unit. This helps to not impede the airflow and capacity.
  • Flush the outdoor coil to remove cottonwood seed, thistle seed, grass clippings and dust. If the outdoor coil cannot move enough air, it will not operate as efficiently and eventually something could break.
  • Have a competent contractor look at the components for secure electrical connections and good refrigerant levels. If needed, they can also replace worn parts to help ensure it will not break down in extreme conditions.
  • Don’t forget about the inside components. An ASHP is a system; the furnace blower, indoor coil and air filter must be maintained in order to get the most out of your investment.

Unlike air conditioners, ASHPs do require as much extra investment and maintenance. In addition, an ASHP will operate during all four seasons and provide economy and comfort that an air conditioner will only do during the summer. And now that your ASHP is ready to go, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your summer!

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