Protecting your trees from emerald ash borers

 Learn how you can protect your trees from emerald ash borers in this blog. 

Posted by Guest Blogger on July 22, 2015

 Since its first discovery in Michigan in 2002, the emerald ash borer (EAB) has spread across the USA and is now in 22 States and two Canadian provinces. The first EAB discovery in Minnesota was in 2009, and it is slowly spreading throughout the state and is in Hennepin County. 

The borer is not a disease, it is an insect that flies from tree to tree that bores into the ash tree’s bark and lays eggs that hatch and bore underneath the bark, eventually killing the tree. Researchers are working on several ways to eliminate, pretreat, and treat infested trees.  

Emerald ash borers are a nuisance, but there are ways to protect your ash trees

 Once the EAB has been detected within 10-15 miles of your area your trees may be at risk, so be aware of its status in your area. The fastest way the borer spreads is the same way it got to the USA in the first place, by transporting wood, especially firewood.

There are several options for protecting your trees against EABs: 

•  Apply an insecticide, either topically or by injection. WH Services – a subsidiary company of Wright-Hennepin – has teamed up with Bear Tree Services to pre-treat and treat EAB-infested trees. The process injects insecticide under the tree bark and lasts two years before a retreatment is needed. 

•  You can cut them down and plant a different species. This may be the most expensive option since you have to haul the tree away, grind the stump, purchase a replacement tree, and wait years for it to grow large enough to provide shade and the aesthetic value.

I have large beautiful ash trees in my front yard that offer a lot of shade, curb appeal and resale value to my home. I have the peace of mind knowing my ash trees are being effectively treated and consistently protected for multiple years to come. 

If you would like to have WH Services give you an estimate for protecting your ash trees, give our customer service department a call at (763) 477-3000, or fill out our tree trimming request form to receive a quote.


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