WH launches new EV charging pilot

WH members are invited to participate in Wright-Hennepin's (WH) new electric vehicle (EV) charging pilot, Quick Cash Charging. 

Posted by Lauren Dublin on March 26, 2024

WH members are invited to participate in Wright-Hennepin's (WH) new electric vehicle (EV) charging pilot, Quick Cash Charging. This pilot is only open to a limited number of registrants, who are not currently participating in a WH EV Energy-Saving Program. Each participant will receive a monthly $20 bill credit from the month they join through February 28, 2025, as long as they are active in the program.

This pilot, in partnership with FlexCharging, will look at ways to decrease energy demand at peak usage times. Energy costs are highest when demand for electricity is highest, so shifting larger loads, such as EVs, to off-peak hours can help lower costs. The aim of this pilot is to help reduce energy use during peak demand times.

​During peak demand times, WH may ask that pilot participants not charge their EVs during certain hours. We will do this by notifying participants of an upcoming control event via email. During these peak times, WH will securely gather the enrolled vehicle's telematics data to see what percent of participating members choose to not charge during these peak hours. This data will help WH learn new ways to manage energy demands.

If you need to charge your car during a control event, you will still be able to. During this pilot, charging is just that — flexible. Requests not to charge during peak demand times will not apply to EV charging at places other than the one you establish as your home location; so if you are out running errands and want to charge your car while out and about, you can do that too!

This pilot is voluntary, and your EV's telematic charging data will be used only to help WH establish future EV programs and benefits.

To qualify for this new pilot, WH members must:

  • Have an all-electric vehicle. No hybrids will be accepted as part of this pilot.
  • Have an EV that is eligible to participate.
  • Not be participating in another WH electric vehicle Energy-Saving Program (ESP).
  • Have a level 2 wall-mounted charging station, or level 2 wall plug used for EV charging.
  • Be willing to share their EV's telematics data with WH.

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