Save energy during the holidays

Learn how you can save energy for the holidays.

Posted by Guest Blogger on November 22, 2013

During the holidays, it is common for your home energy bill to increase. This happens for a variety of reasons such as decorating, entertaining, holiday baking and spending more time indoors. With energy usage largely contributing to seasonal costs, there are many ways that you can save energy and money this holiday season:


  • Switch your holiday lights to LEDs to reduce energy consumption and save you money. LED lights are more energy efficient than traditional lights, with the added benefits of being shatterproof, shock-resistant, and cool to the touch. 
  • Use an automatic timer to optimize your energy savings, as you can customize the system to turn on and off at specific times of the day.


  • When entertaining, turning down the heat in your home can save money, as the reduction in temperature will be offset by body heat from guests being in the same living area.
  • Use your fireplace to heat your home instead of your thermostat.

Holiday Cooking:

  • Bake multiple dishes at the same time.
  • When cooking on the stove, consider the size of the pan you are using and make sure it matches the stove size.
  • When checking the progress of food in the oven, use the oven light instead of opening the door. Every time you open the door, you can lower the oven temperature by as much as 25 degrees.
  • To optimize the efficiency of your dishwasher, only run it with a full load.

For additional energy-saving tips, videos and resources visit WH’s energy conservation page.

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