Schedule a Pre-Season Furnace Tune-Up Before Winter Arrives

Posted by Guest Blogger on October 7, 2014

The heavy cold in Minnesota is still a few months away, but you shouldn’t delay when it comes to making winter preparations for your home. Part of that is to schedule a pre-season furnace tune-up. Your furnace is one of the hardest working appliances in your home and having a tune-up provides the following benefits:

  • Ensures proper airflow: Restricted or limited airflow places unnecessary strain on your furnace that can lead to increased repairs and a shortened lifespan.
  • Keeps you safe: Furnaces burn fuel to produce heat. A small gas leak could cause raised carbon monoxide levels in your home, so it is important to check for leaks.
  • Reduces repairs: Regular furnace tune-ups catch small problems before they turn into major repairs.
  • Improves energy efficiency: A pre-season furnace tune-up helps keep your furnace running efficiently throughout the winter, reducing energy use.

During a tune-up, the following steps are taken for preventative maintenance:

  • The blower, flame sensor, air filter, pilot light assembly and exterior of the heating unit are cleaned.
  • A test cycle is performance to detect any issues.
  •  The condensate pump is cycled.
  • The flue pipe is inspected.
  • All moving parts are lubricated.
  • All electrical connections are inspected and tightened.  
  • The heat exchanger is inspected.

Having a pre-season furnace tune-up will help your furnace run efficient and keep you and your family safe this winter. For more information about energy efficiency, including energy-saving videos and printable guides, visit  WH's energy conservation page.

Pre-season furance tune up

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