The importance of changing your furnace filter

It may not seem like it, but replacing your furnace filter is important for the operation of your heating system. 

Posted by Grant Bowman on October 21, 2016

Every year fall comes to the beautiful state of Minnesota, and with it comes the need to do necessary chores: get the lawn furniture moved into storage, finish mowing the grass and cleaning up the leaves. While we typically concentrate on the outside, many times we forget that we also need to pay attention to the inside of the house, too.

We all have a source of heat for our homes, and they all require some form of yearly maintenance to make sure it will be a reliable and safe heat source for the winter. 

All furnaces require us to replace the air filter. But we need to know what kind of filter is needed and how many times per year it should be changed. Using the wrong type of air filter will allow too much dust to enter the equipment, or it will not allow enough air flow by being too restrictive.

Air filters that are too restrictive will do more damage to the furnace than a cheap pleated filter will. Air filters have Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) ratings. The higher the number the more efficient they are. A word of caution here, in order to have the most efficient filter, it will need to be a deeper (4 inches thick vs. 1 inch thick) so it has more surface area for the air to pass through. Talk to a heating specialist to help you understand how proper airflow and filtration will improve your home’s environment and comfort.

Maintaining your heating equipment by having a trained professional clean the burners and safety equipment will also save you money and inconvenience this winter. You run the risk of a breakdown happening this winter when your heating professional is busy taking care of all the other people who didn’t get their furnace or heating system maintained. 

Preventative maintenance can be performed well before winter takes hold and everyone is busy with emergency repairs. Put it on your calendar now and call your preferred heating technician. 

Filter being pulled out of a heating system.

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