The sky's the limit on solar production during summer

 The summer months are the best time to generate solar power. Find out why with this blog. 

Posted by Josh Randt on April 7, 2015

May, June, July and August are the peak months for solar power production, because the sun is higher in the sky and the days are longer during the summer solstice. Summer is the perfect time for solar production because of the sun's height and longer days

When you hear the words “solar power” or “solar panel,” most people have the tendency to think of massive deserts out in Arizona, or the southwestern part of the country. But the truth is that Minnesota is an ideal location for solar panels for a number of reasons: 

• Minnesota averages about 4.6 hours of sunlight per day. Germany, which has the highest solar panel penetration in the world, only averages about 3.2 hours per day. 

• Cooler weather actually benefits solar production, because as solar panels get hotter they produce less power from the same amount of sunlight. Minnesota has long days in the summer that are relatively cool compared southwestern states. Minnesota also has a lot of clear, cold days in the winter that are perfect for harnessing solar energy. 

• Because of advancements in technology, manufacturers are finding better ways to capture sunlight on hazy and cloudy days. 

So if you’re considering purchasing solar panels or becoming a member of a solar community, now is the time as summer is just around the corner.  

Solar produces the most kilowatt-hours in May, June, July and August

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