Tree-trimming weather: the chillier the better

As temperatures cool trees become dormant, offering perfect timing for tree trimming because of a reduced risk of spreading diseases.

Posted by Guest Blogger on October 21, 2015

When it comes to trimming trees, most homeowners choose to do so in the spring or summer. But did you know that fall, and winter especially, are ideal times of year to trim oaks, elms, ash and fruit/nut trees?
 Winter is the perfect time to have your trees trimmed, as there is a reduced chace of spreading diseases.

When trees become dormant in the cooler months the chances of spreading and transferring disease is significantly less. And with the recent discovery of the emerald ash borer (EAB) in Plymouth, Minn. causing a heightened concern for the health of ash trees in the area, tree trimming in winter is ideal for affected trees. EAB treatment of ash trees will also be available from WH Services in the spring.

If you have a well-groomed yard with sensitive landscaping, the frozen ground in wintertime can save your yard from wear, and is another reason to consider winter tree trimming. Also, if you have lakeshore property, equipment can even be brought in across the ice if there is a sufficient amount of frozen water.

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