How WH's Off-Peak Air Conditioning is Helping the Environment, while Saving Money

WH's Off-Peak Air Conditioning is helping the environment and saving energy.

Posted by Guest Blogger on August 12, 2013

The weather conditions over the past week have been anything but favorable. As the record-breaking heat wave moves through the Midwest, we continue to experience temperatures in the high 90’s. On Tuesday, we even reached a high of 96!

It is no surprise that the extremely hot weather has tested everyone’s ability to stay cool, further increasing our members’ air conditioner use. What many individuals may not realize is that when the temperatures are high, the demand for energy use is high as well. Ultimately, the high energy demand causes the cost of energy or “wholesale power costs” to increase as well. To help off-set high energy use in the area, WH offers Off-Peak Air Conditioning programs to their members. So far this week, WH has saved 20 megawatts of demand or $250,000 as a result of controlling air conditioners during peak demand periods! The savings is enough to power 4,000 homes! That is incredible. Thank you!

Participants in Off-Peak Air Conditioning allow WH to cycle their air conditioner during the hottest times of the summer, just as we are experiencing now. By doing this, members help reduce energy demand in the area. Participating members not only save on electric costs, but also help significantly reduce wholesale power costs and the need for additional power plans in the future!

We would like to take a moment to extent a special thank you to our members who currently participate in one of our Off-Peak Air Conditioning programs. Because of your participation, we are experiencing incredible savings! Your efforts really do help WH and you – save on electric costs.

For more information about our Off-Peak Air Conditioning program, please visit the WH Off-Peak Air Conditioning page.

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