What is community solar?

 Find out just what solar communities are all about, and why they are the perfect renewable energy option. 

Posted by Josh Randt on March 13, 2015

You may have recently heard about solar communities, but are unclear of what they really are. 

Basically, solar communities are a group of solar panels housed at one location. They offer consumers a renewable energy option. This means consumers get a credit on their bill for the solar energy generated without needing to have equipment attached to their home. 

Panels are not actually purchased by the consumer, only the solar energy generated from the panels is purchased. So if maintenance was required on one or more of their panels, the customer isn’t held responsible for the additional cost and work. Also, through economies of scale, a better price can often be achieved on the parts and pieces that make up a solar community system. 

Solar communities are ideal for homeowners, renters and businesses. If community solar sounds like something you’re interested in but still have a few questions, contact WH Solar with this request form to learn more.

Find out what solar communities are, and why they're the perfect option for renewable energy

Josh Randt

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