What is settled service?

One term you may hear and not completely understand, is settled service. Learn about it here!

Posted by Grant Bowman on June 25, 2019

There are many terms in the electric industry that can be very confusing to people who do not use them every day. One term you may hear and not completely understand, is settled service.

Settled Service is the process of the ground around a home’s foundation compacting, or settling, after it was disturbed by the act of creating said foundation. Typically, loose dirt is placed around a foundation after construction, which then settles and sinks. When the dirt starts to sink it can pull on wires feeding power to the home, causing settled service.

An example of a settled service. Note the pipe protecting the electric wires is pulled down away from the meter.

It is important to note settled service is a slow process. Over time dirt may pull the piping to meter sockets and, in turn, pull down the wiring inside the meter socket. This process places stress on the meter enclosure and sometimes pulls the entire meter away from a structure.

A meter enclosure being pulled away from a home’s siding due to settled service.

In addition, while a meter enclosure pulls away, it is possible for the wires within it to come in contact with other items or wires. This can cause a short to the system.

A wire that has been pulled out and come in contact with other items in the meter enclosure.

If you have a concern about your service, please contact Wright-Hennepin’s (WH) Member Service Team at (763) 477-3000. Our team will send a WH Field Service professional to check your service if needed.

In order for the meter to be properly serviced, please remember to keep them free of objects and items that can block access.

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