Your electric bill is a fountain of knowledge

 Your electric bill tells you more than just how much your monthly electric costs are. Read this blog to see how it can help save you money. 

Posted by Chrissy Emery on June 26, 2015

Have you ever really taken a hard look at your monthly electric bill? Here are a few tips that may help you lower your monthly electric cost. 

Your electric bill is a valuable resource that can also help you save money

The back of your billing statement has a lot of great information to help you understand all of the charges, explaining everything from what the power cost adjustment means to what happens if you’re late making my payment. 

There are also a few other places on your bill that can help you save money, such as checking to see if you are set up on any of our Off-Peak programs. Wright-Hennepin offers Off-Peak programs for things like electric water heating and electric heat and air conditioning, which will be listed under new charges on your statement. If you don’t see these programs listed and have one or more of the products mentioned, please contact WH at (763) 477-3000 to look into getting that installed. 

There is also an annual graph on each statement to show how your energy use compares to last year, which is an informative tool that can help you change your usage and save money. 

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