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Commercial Rebate Programs

Wright-Hennepin's commercial rebate programs offer financial incentives for its commercial, industrial and agricultural customers to invest in energy-efficient technologies.

Commercial rebate incentives are available for high efficiency lighting and HVAC systems, as well as for other energy-saving technologies. Rebate incentive funds are limited. Customers and vendors should contact a Commercial Account Representative for project pre-approval. Projects that do not receive pre-approval are not subject to any guarantee that rebate funds will be distributed.

PLEASE NOTE that available rebate incentive funding has been expended for 2018. However, if you have a completed or potential efficiency improvement project that you would like to discuss, please contact a WH Commercial Account Representative.

Commercial Account Representatives

Lighting Efficiency Rebate Program

Lighting upgrades are often one of the most affordable options for businesses that wish to reduce their energy usage. A retrofitted lighting system typically results in a project payback ranging from one to four years. Other benefits of an upgraded lighting system include:

  • Increased system control with energy-saving occupancy sensors and automatic controls
  • Enhanced lighting that will improve employee productivity
  • Reduced cooling loads – less waste heat is emitted by new lighting technology

In addition to retrofit applications, rebate incentives are available for new construction projects that incorporate a high efficiency LED lighting system.

HVAC Efficiency Rebate Program

Rebate incentives are also available for RTUS, PTAC, VAV, GSHP, chiller, and mini-split applications. Contact a WH Key Account Representative for specific information regarding any of these technologies.

Other Rebate Eligible Technologies

In addition to lighting and HVAC-specific technologies, WH also offers rebate incentives for the following areas:

  • Fractional HP Motors
  • Variable Speed/Frequency Drives (VSD/VFD)
  • High Efficiency Ventilation Fans
  • Dairy Plate Coolers
  • Food Service Related
  • Custom Applications

Please contact a WH Key Account Representative for further information concerning the above.