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Energy Savings & Rebates

Electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) at first seemed futuristic and like a temporary fad, but time has proven otherwise. Today they are gaining in popularity and charging stations are appearing in many places.

A man adjust his electric water heater

Electric Water Heaters

Heat your water the efficient way with an electric water heater from Wright-Hennepin.

Wright-Hennepin Electric customers adjusts their thermostat

Home Heating

Save money on your home's heating bills with Wright-Hennepin's Dual Fuel and Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Energy-Saving heating programs.

View on two air conditioners beside a home

Home Cooling

Save $20 on your summer electric bill (June through September) by participating in Quick Cash.

Ground Source Heat Pump

Wright-Hennepin offers additional discounts for ground source heat pumps (GSHP) through our Energy-Saving Program.

Rebate Forms

Wright-Hennepin rebates are available for members who participate in energy-saving programs and who meet certain criteria. Rebates are for new installations only.