Ground Source Heat Pump

Uncontrolled Ground Source Heat Pump Program

Heat and cool your home the efficient way with a Ground Source Heat Pump. Save up to $1,950 with our rebate program! Receive a discount on your energy use too.


  • Receive a rebate of up to $1,950
  • Receive an energy rate of $0.10500/kWh for the electricity your GSHP uses (not subject to PCA).
  • The GSHP must be capable of providing the entire space heating and cooling requirements of the home.
  • If 50 percent of your home's heating comes from electricity, you may be exempt from sales tax (during heating season only).
  • If you also have plenum or strip heating, these must be separately metered and controlled on a Dual Fuel rate strategy.
  • The Energy-Saving Program metering equipment will need to be located outside the home.
  • If electricity is your primary source of heating your home, you are eligible to receive a sales tax exemption.

Download the ground source heat pump informational sheet

A GSHP is the highest efficiency heating and cooling system available because it uses a renewable energy source: the earth. This system is three times more efficient than the highest efficiency gas furnace and consists of a network of durable plastic coils buried in the ground that absorb the earth’s heat energy.

A heat pump, which is connected to the coils, extracts that energy and converts it into heat, which is then transferred into the home. At the flip of a switch, the process can be reversed to cool in the summer. GSHPs are long-lasting, low-maintenance systems designed to meet 100 percent of a home’s heating and cooling needs. WH does not sell or install GSHPs.

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