Wright-Hennepin Electric employee helps customers with all their appliance repair needs

Rebates available for replacement appliances

Instead of repairing your appliance, we have rebates available to help you with the purchase of a new one. If the cost to repair your appliance exceeds its repaired value, you can receive a rebate of up to 10% towards the purchase of a new appliance. Installation, tax, and delivery costs are not included. The chart below shows the maximum rebate amount for each appliance.

Air conditioner $300
Air source heat pump $300
Boiler $400
Clothes dryer (gas or electric) $250
Clothes washer $250
Dishwasher $250
Freezer $150
Furnace (gas or electric) $400
Range (cook top and wall oven) $200
Range (single unit gas or electric) $200
Refrigerator $200
Water heater $200