WH Community Solar Projects

WH has four solar communities located on WH property. Members were able to participate in these projects at the time they were built. These existing projects are currently fully subscribed and are producing power to those participating members. WH has new options of a Solar Choice or Renewable Choice.

Check out the completed WH Solar projects:

Wright-Hennepin has completed four solar projects. The completed projects are producing power as expected, and working well. Details about each system can be found below:

WH Solar Community #1 Project 1: Located at WH Headquarters in Rockford, Minn.

  • 171 panels
    • 26 panels for sale; if interested in purchasing, contact Srini G. at (763) 222-8001
  • 190 Watt panels
  • 32 kW system
  • 25 member participants
  • Went online September of 2013

WH Solar Community #2 Project 2: Located at WH Headquarters in Rockford, Minn.

  • 72 panels
  • 410 Watt panels
  • 30 kW system
  • 16 member participants
  • Went online July of 2014

Head-on shot of solar panels in WH Solar Community #3. Project 3: Located at WH Headquarters in Rockford, Minn.

  • 500 panels
  • 300 Watt panels
  • 150 kW system
  • 32 member participants
  • Went online August of 2016

WH Solar Community #4. Project 4: Located in Medina, Minn., at WH's Willow substation

  • 540 panels
  • 300 Watt panels
  • 150 kW system
  • 12 member participants
  • Went online early 2017

WH Solar Commercial Projects

Solar panels located next to the Rockford water tower.

Bantam Solar 

  • 60 panels located on the Rockford City Mall
  • 270 panels located on the city's water tower property. 

Dickinson Springs Solar Project: Located south of Buffalo, Minn. Aerial shot of more than 8,000 solar panels that are part of the Dickinson Springs solar project south of Buffalo, Minn.

  • 8,360 panels 
  • 2.25 megawatts 
  • Owned by Great River Energy - one of WH's wholesale power suppliers. Maintained by WH.