Gift of Electricity

The gift of energy is a practical, thoughtful gift for any occasion. With WH's Gift of Electricity program, you can make a payment toward a friend or family member's energy bill. One person's hand giving money bags to another hand

During challenging times or just as a practical gift, the Gift of Electricity is something you can give any time, for any occasion. You can purchase any amount and give to a WH member of your choice. It’s a great gift for anyone facing financial hardship, adult children living on their own, your hard-to-buy-for parent, a loved one on a fixed budget or just a practical gift for a friend.

How to give the Gift of Electricity

Simply print out this form, fill it out and mail to WH with a check or money order in the amount you wish to give. You will need to have a specific recipient in mind – we are unable to randomly select a recipient for you.

Your recipient will receive a certificate informing them the gift will be applied as a credit to their WH electric account. If you wish, you can add a note to the certificate, or you can also choose to remain anonymous. Either way, we will send you a payment confirmation.

Thank you for giving the Gift of Electricity and brightening someone’s day!